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Staying Connected in the New Year!

Your smile is a gift to celebrate! There is magic in your smile.  Your smile is a gift to celebrate!  It opens doors and invites others to smile back. It is a tool that can lift spirits, causes people to lay their guards down, and connects us to folks who don’t even speak our language. It can support you in navigating thru your pain and move you to a place of gratitude.
With Love,


Let's CelebrateWhen your Mind unwinds, your Spirit it will find. Shawn Trimble

Seasons Greetings Family & Friends,

This is my recent Facebook cover photo. I was four years old and had just been crowned the queen of Sheila and Sharon's Nursery in New Orleans. This picture graced the cover of the program for the crowning event, affectionately titled, Melody of Love.

There was a lot hiding behind that beautiful smile and life has offered me the opportunity to unfold, to uncover, and to unmask one of the greatest mysteries of all- myself!


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