5 Magical Steps to Raise your Vibration

It was another great day at work and it was time to get off. I walked outside towards my car. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was a delightful breeze in the air. I buckled up, happy. I was on my way home!

Then, all of a sudden, my thoughts began to wander. First, I started thinking about a relationship that had just ended. My mind went into auto pilot questioning my decision to let it go and move forward. It was like the jury showed up and began to hand down my guilty sentence. Then, without any regard for the evidence that was presented I started entertaining thoughts of being a bad person. Negative thoughts crept in and I quickly realized that my mind was driving me.

I was on a downward spiral and I knew that if I didn’t turn things around I was headed down a path of destruction. I knew it was time to raise my vibration!

Pay-at-ten-tion!  Everything in life holds energy.  Everything moves.  And everything vibrates. Relationships are great examples because they move energy! Good or bad, they can be the medicine that we need to stir up feelings and emotions much like a dissolving medicinal tablet does to reach the molecular cells in our bodies. And, even when we are no longer in them, we can be still be emotionally drawn to the energy.


We too, can become addicted to the energy of others and those negative thought patterns in much the same way we can become addicted to any substance or medication. They can create abusive behavior or cause feeling of being trapped in toxic relationships. They can build toxins in the body and cause dis-ease. Like a tape recording that keeps playing over and over again in our minds, these patterns can be stifling and have us spinning our wheels without ever moving.

This was one scenario, but regardless of what your are facing or where you are standing, you are a walking instrument of healing!  You carry a healing light for others and yourself.  What medicine(s) are you carrying? Raising your vibration is magic that can make your soul soar.

There are countess ways to raise your vibration.  Whether it's laughter, therapy, spending time with nature, eating healthy, removing toxic relationships, etc. Find what works for you!  

Here are 5 steps that I also use.  They are magical! 
May you find in the midst of your life, the magic that makes your soul soar!  
With Love,

Shawn's 5 Magical Steps to Raise your Vibration 

Step 1- Use your imagination and think ELEC-TRI-CITY!

Set your intention to raise your vibration:

Now- create the image in your mind!
Tap into your inner child and use your imagination.
Imagine that you are a lamp, a light, or a great beam of energy.
Imagine that you are being plugged in or that you are plugging something in.
You are watching the lights come on!
You are seeing and feeling the magic of the power coming through.
It's brilliant! It's awesome! It's magical!
Have fun with it!

Step 2 – Think of the greatest source (force) of healing energy that you can plug in to!

What is your Light connected to?
Think outside of the box. Think outside of the image of a wall socket. Go bigger!
A tree is plugged in and rooted in the earth.
An unborn baby is plugged in and rooted in the womb of its mother.
A wave is plugged in and rooted in the ocean.
What are you plugged in to?

Is your Light connected to the Sun?
An ocean? River? Lake?
Is it connected to Love?
Is it connected to God?
Is it connected to the Universal Power of all there is?
Is it The Great Mother? Father in Heaven? Jesus? Allah? Freedom? Bliss? Rei-Ki? Buddah? El-Shaddai? The Prince of Peace?

What are your rooted in?

Step 3 - Feel the Magic!

Breathe it in! Take it in! Buzzz...You are now plugged in!

To the late mystic, Edgar Cayce, Electricity is God in Action! “And as the electrical vibrations are given, know that Life itself - to be sure - is the Creative Force or God, yet its manifestations in man are electrical - or vibratory. Know then that the force in nature that is called electrical or electricity is that same force ye worship as Creative or God in action! Seeing this, feeling this, knowing this, ye will find that not only does the body become revivified, but by the creating in every atom of its being the knowledge of the activity of this Creative Force or Principle as related to spirit, mind, body - all three are renewed. For these are as the trinity in the body, these are as the trinity in the principles of the very life force itself - as the Father, the Son, the Spirit - the Body, the Mind, the Spirit - these are one. One Spirit, One God, One Activity.”

Step 4- Identify the attributes of your source.

What does your source represent? 
How does the connection make you feel? 
What would you like to feel?

I believe that there is a powerful and infinite flow of energy circulating the Universe. I believe that at the very center of this powerful flow of energy that is circulating the Universe there is Goodness, Wholeness, Peace, Abundance, Warmth, Light, Joy, Wisdom, Clarity, Serenity, Happiness, Love, Harmony, Power, Gentleness, Ease, Gratefulness, Humor, Colorful expressions, Security, Understanding, Patience, Creativity, Truth, Life, Flavor, Aromatic expressions, Beauty, Forgiveness, Compassion, Grace, Perfection, Faith, Mercy, Acceptance, Willingness, Courage, Responsibility, Fearlessness, Health, Wealth, Guidance, Purpose, Knowing, and all things Good!

I believe that there is a powerful and infinite flow of energy circulating the Universe.
I believe that there is not a title that can truly capture the essence of this powerful flow of energy circulating the Universe, and with my understanding of our need to define and unify our experience, known by many names, I call this power God, or Spirit, sometimes Mother, sometimes Father, or sometimes Universal Power of all There Is.

I believe that at the very center of this powerful flow of energy that is circulating the Universe that there is enough of everything that I need and will ever need on this journey.

Step 5 - Align yourself to the source!

You are connected! 
Your are now Home!
Bring the affirming message(s) of truth home! 
What does it mean to be connected? 
What does it mean to be aligned with the source?

I am connected to the source of all there is!
I am connected to Life!
I am connected to the Great I am that I am!
I am connected to this unlimited, abundant power and in this moment I have access to everything that I need.
I am the conduit of magnetic and magical energy.
I am able to create what I need because -
I am connected to everything that I do need.
I am everything that I need.
I am an heir, an offspring, a recipient of unlimited wisdom and divine light.
I am connected to the healing energy- the healing power-the healing light of God's amazing Love.
I am Loved!
I am Love!
There is nothing that I have to do except shine-
shine my Bright Light for the world to see!
I am directed to the path of my greatest and highest good.
I am a giver!
I am open to receive the gifts of abundance.
I am a Light in the World!
I am Free!


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