Nosy Neighbor, Beware of the Fire!

She's a Goddess.
She’s a force and a healer.
She’s a flame throwing Light bearer.
She’s mesmerizing and tantalizing.
She ignites my passion and sparks my creativity.
She’s a universal element that brings people together.
She awakens my passion and warms my soul as she welcomes me in from the cold.
She illuminates my path and guides me on my way.
She calls the Darkness to be drawn to her Light.
She’s a ray of sunshine in the winter. She dances (and I dance with her).
She’s my voice and my reminder to go higher as I sit in the sacredness of her fire.

The Sacred Fire🔥

While some vacations are spent traveling to places far away from everyone and everybody, some are spent at home. In an effort to recharge my battery for a little rest, relaxation, and reflection,  I kicked off a recent week long staycation doing one of the things I love- spending time around the fire.

A fire keeper, I was in my element tending the flame while hosting a gathering of women friends for a sacred fire circle when, out of the dark night sky, my neighbor peeked over my fence.

I’m sure he witnessed quite a scene, as one of my guests described it as one of the most beautiful sights she had ever seen. The Light and the beauty from all of us adoring our feminine energy, the laughter, the music, the belly dancing, the powerful exaltation and declaration of prayers, the passing of sage, and the joyous celebration under the new moon. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold!

My back was turned towards him as they shared with me what was happening, but I chose not to turn around. Instead, I offered that we ignore him and called his peeking in an act of curiosity. They agreed and we continued to celebrate without skipping a beat!

But last week, ending my staycation the way it began, I had another fire circle. This one was a smaller gathering. It was also a different group. Five beautiful women celebrating a birthday full of laughter, soft music, drinks, when again - out of the dark night sky, he peeked over the fence.

Except this time he spoke. He muttered under his breath, “Devil worshipers”.

Choosing again not to feed into the negativity of his presence or comment, I encouraged my guests to ignore him. They did!

Though he didn’t steal the joy we were having that night, I am aware that the experience did trigger something in me. I was led to write a letter.

Dear Neighbor,

Last week you called me and a group of my friends, devil worshipers.

You may not be aware, but your actions of peeking into my yard and your words triggered something in me. Since then I have been searching for a way to channel my feelings in a positive way so that the imprint doesn’t rob me (or others) of the joy in doing the things I love. Today I decided to write you a letter.

I want to sincerely thank you for gifting me this opportunity for self-reflection. May it enlighten both of us and may your curiosity that led you to the fire, lead you to a broader view of the world.

For those who know me, the words you used to describe me could be laughable. And though you used the term in a derogatory way, as an agent for social justice, being called names (or being threatened) is nothing new. Unfortunately, it just comes with the territory.

Nonetheless a fire in me ignited. Maybe it’s because you are my neighbor. Not quite a neighborly thing to say? Maybe, it’s because you’ve shared with me that you are a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and it seemed like an oxymoron? Maybe it’s because I’ve looked sideways at you ever since you accused me and others in the neighborhood of stalking you. Or maybe it’s because of the Trump/Pence signs that I can still see from my back yard waving in the wind like a proud flag. But, maybe it’s deeper.

We live in a diverse community and it isn’t always easy to live in harmony in a melting pot that breathes conformity. Especially when we are all searching for autonomy, truth, and our purpose in life. Our differences can also breathe curiosity, and like yours, can unfortunately lead us to form opinions that may not be true.

While I respect your opinion and appreciate your presence in the world as I do everyone else, I also believe that everyone deserves to feel safe in their home. What may have triggered me the most about this experience is that you crossed a boundary and violated the sacredness of my space. The sacredness of a space that I created for myself and for others to be our authentic selves. The sacredness of the fire and the work that was being done.

However, I want to thank you again for allowing me to process this experience that has led me to a deeper understanding of myself and for igniting my voice. I am grateful for your curiosity and for the sacred fire that drew you in.

Sitting with the Fire is powerful! And, as the seasons change, I do plan to sit with more of them. 😊Will you please be mindful of how you choose to show up and will you please mind your business!

Thanking you in advance.
With JOY-
With Love,



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