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Affirming Intentions

  Affirming Intentions Affirmations can be described as positive declarations of agreement to overcome negative thoughts.  I started playing around with affirmations over 20 years ago to combat the negative self talk that accompanied a difficult transition.  I found them to be helpful reminders of God's presence in my life and I started posting them everywhere.    Back then, for reinforcement I coupled the affirmations with biblical scriptures to back my statements up.  I created cards and called them AffirmArt! I still celebrate them and adorn them on my Affirmation Tree .  Today it is my intention to engage with people and/or practices that will help bring me into alignment with the presence of source energy- God.  Because when I do, I feel good!  And when I feel good I know I am presenting the greatest expression of myself.  And when I'm presenting the greatest expression of myself, I know I am making the most of this life.  And when I am making the most of this life that w

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