Hello World, I am a born again blogger!

My name is Shawn Marie Trimble and I am a born again blogger!  Born in New Orleans, I've been writing since I could formulate words on paper.  I started blogging before blogging ever started in the form of an e-newsletter (Freedom's Drum) that I started in 2001.  I fell of the bandwagon.  But today, I have given myself over to this social networking experience- blogging.

I am revamping my website and organization.  I have archived my old newsletters/articles.  Today, I am preparing a home for new material and ideas that want to be expressed through me. I am also a born again explorer!  I fell off this bandwagon too!  But today, I give myself over to this unlimited learning experience- life. I have often started my quests with a quote that I wrote many years ago, "When your Mind unwinds, your Spirit it will find".  I believe this quote describes my relationship with myself and is my reminder that this journey is about me being more of myself. 

I love affirmations and I am still realizing their power.   Just the other day ago, after reading a passage from Michael Becwith's Life Visioning workbook, I affirmed:  I am participating in the evolution of my soul.  Well, hello world, here I am!  Change is definitely in the air! Today I started a blog!

I love to write and to share my musings.  My mission is to love, (I am love in motion!) and my vision is to be (I am being more of who I am and was born to be).  I write when I am inspired and I am excited to know that this blog will enhance my life and others in some profound way. I am grateful!

I love quotes too!  

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  Let the blogging begin...

With Love,
If you like to write, check out a great movement that I started.  The With Love Movement, a world day of healing through letter writing, 11-21-2015. (facebook.com/WithLo­veMovement). Exciting stuff!!!


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