When your Heart was made to Travel: Do it With Love!

Dear Friends,
This heart of mine was made to travel this world!

Three years ago I started a movement. My intention began as a yearning to reach the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. I could feel the pain in the eyes and in the tears of the men, women, and children who had lost everything. My heart went out to each of them. Though I gave knowing that money was important to the relief efforts, I wanted to give more than just a monetary gift. I wanted to give a gift from the heart. I wanted to let them know that I cared. I wanted to let them know that I could feel their pain. I wanted to lift their spirits. I wanted to send each of them a letter signed- with love!
Knowing that there was no mail service available, I held a wild vision of me organizing a movement of people walking up to a huge truck filled with letters written by perfect strangers. One by one I could see people from the ravaged neighborhoods walking up to the truck and randomly picking out their perfect letter. They would read them, feel the sincerity in the voices of the those who had written them, and walk away with an uplifting and encouraging message. Unfortunately, my wild vision became larger than life and fear crept in to also remind me that I could not speak or write French. Things got blurry, I talked myself out of it, and I woke up from the dream.

But, by the end of the following year, 2011, the movement of love continued to stir in me. As the holidays approached, I felt a similar yearning. Except this time I reached out. I was inspired by a quote from Joan Chittister with the Charter for Compassion Trailer:

"We are living in a period of commercial globalization.
What we really need is spiritual globalization.”

In an email to my family and friends, I shared with them that while the commercialization of the season was near, I reminded them of a gift that didn't cost a thing. It was a gift that kept on giving- the gift of a written letter.

I knew I was on to something when a dear friend approached me months later from Sacred Visioning with a service project intended to encourage me to revisit the idea. I was humbled. I was grateful for the support. After several meetings, I set an intention, drafted a simple plan, and on November 17, 2012, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, The With Love Movement – an annual worldwide day of healing through letter writing was born. 

With my intention set, I started a Facebook page, The With Love Movement. One by one I reached out and began inviting my circle of family, friends, and people I admired. Elizabeth Gilbert, https://www.facebook.com/GilbertLiz (Eat, Pray, Love) was one of those people. When she liked the page, I knew the With Love Movement was traveling.

Last year, the movement reached over 40 countries and over 35 cities across the US and abroad. Wow! Thank You! I continue to be humbled! I continue to grateful knowing that what I can see is nothing compared to what I can't see. I know that people are being touched all across the world. I know that the healing power of Love is circulating the Universe. I know that the With Love Movement is part of that energy. I know that I couldn't have done it without YOU. Thank You! 

Poised for greatness, I have no doubt that this year, the With Love Movement will continue to grow, develop, and evolve. Once it goes viral, hundreds of thousands of people around the world will be touched by participating in this global healing opportunity.

I am participating in the evolution of my soul. Will you join me? Will you join us? Will you spread the word of love? Will you help revive a part of history that connects us all- letter writing? I can't do it without you!

With Love,

This is only the beginning...tune in for part II.

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  1. From: Elaine Wee
    Hey there! You're very talented. I enjoy your work immensely. You ought to receive mainstream recognition! It would be such an honor if you will like my page: www.facebook.com/CoginaANovel

  2. From Allan Stanleigh
    Shawn - you shine so much light - 'liked' your page - I am Allan Stanleigh: http://www.facebook.com/theunitedstatesofnorthamerica


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