Piercing the Core: What is your Spiritual Gift?

Chapter 2, Sunshine and the Sage

Moving forward from Chapter 1 and the vision for the Center for Herbs and HealingI was ready to create a new image for an upcoming post:  Healers Wanted! Share your Gifts with the World!

I was getting ready to call forth healers and holistic practitioners to interview for a new You tube channel- The Sage - a healing energy station for healers and holistic practitioners around the globe who wish to share their insightful wisdom and gifts.  As I was creating an image, I thought about my own gift(s) and legacy.

A few days later, my daughter, Sunshine, came home to visit.  She knew I was mourning the passing of a loved one and I was also in the middle of releasing another relationship. I am sure she came to share her beautiful Light.

Truth is I was having a tough time, but I sat her down and shared with her that despite the pain that I was experiencing, there were tidbits of wisdom that were pouring open for me.  I grabbed a blank sheet of paper began to share a pictorial to illustrate the messages that were coming.

One day, while volunteering with the Inner Visions Institute forSpiritual Development at a summer intensive retreat in Omega Retreat Center, I was given a task.

Group leaders had dismissed their class attendees and gave them instructions to return for an evening gathering in the woods. With little time before darkness set in, I, along with another attendee/minister was given the task of lighting the path. With candles and a lighter in hand we set out to create a path in the woods so that people could see.

I often wondered why some of my experiences have been so dark and painful. Well today, with fresh eyes, I have the woods to remind me of the paths we take in life, and what a gift it is to make a way for others.

My gift is to light the path for others!

I've also wondered about the contract that I made with the Universe before I was born. I believe we all have one whether we remember it or not. The funny thing is, like the old sitcom, Touched by an Angel, somehow I've known in my many declarations that this life was my last assignment. I knew this before I could remember why I chose to be here. 

(Sometimes we just have to ask the questions.  Ask and it shall be given! I had just asked this question days earlier. Could it be that being a light is my gift? Could being a light be my soul's commitment that moves me in this direction?)

When your mind unwinds, your Spirit it will find! Shawn Trimble

It is human to forget. Especially when there are elaborate systems in place to keep our minds busy. Look around and you will see that we forget our purpose, our gifts, our reasons for being born. We forget who we are! (The Little Prince forgot...)

But then, we meet Lights along the way who help us to remember. Sometimes we call them angels, or children, or we may even call them by name. Through their presence we have flashes of Light or remembrances that inspire us to move in the direction of our soul's mission.

Along the many paths that I've taken in life, I have met some beautiful people. 
Being an instrument of Light is golden! It's healing!

But sometimes people will take advantage of you. Some people may even try to suck the energy right out of you. Some, lurk behind the trees and wait for you to walk by.

Like animals, the endorphins we give off can be an attractive scent and our auras can be just as inviting. 

In truth, when our hearts are hungry we all attract what we need and we all have something to gain from our experiences. Light workers can smell the yearning of people hungry for love. We can see the coldness in the eyes of travelers who pass in the night.

At our core we all want the same thing - to be loved!  But like a watered down sponge that gets too wet to do the job, we get caught up.  We get caught up and forget that some people are only here for a reason.  Some for a season.  And some for a lifetime.

Sometimes we can get caught up in our giving. We give, and we give, and we give until it hurts! Sometimes we give until we have nothing left. Then, we sit alone, in the cold, in the pain, and in the dark. Until we remember...

...that a seed grows in the dark and we do too!  Our shells break and with Love- the Love that we remember ourselves to be-  our energy returns, and we rise up from the ashes.  Like the Phoenix, we are reborn.

We move through the layers of dirt and yuck.  We hear the call,  "Follow the Sun!"   With courage, we let go of the weeds that have cleverly disguised themselves.  Our appetites change and the people, experiences, and beliefs that no longer serve us are released.  We give thanks and we wish them well!

These are the moments the permeate our core. I read that scientist say that it takes only 42 minutes to get to the center of the earth. And it may be silly to assume that we could ever travel there and survive. The intensity, the heat, the pain.

Stay in the spiritual fire. Let it cook you! Rumi

But there is a rabbit hole and layers of our consciousness waiting to be penetrated. Some people live on the surface where it is safe. Others live beneath the surface. I believe that on the other side is bliss. Some of us never get to the other side, but I've been there!

My gift is to light the path so that others can find their way there too!

Thank You Sunshine.
With Love,

*If you are interested in being interviewed for The Sage, please send an email to:  iamfreedomsdrum@gmail.com

"The mind is required for human sciences; for divine sciences mind in not needed, for thy are the offspring of the soul. 
Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin



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