Greetings all,

 Today, I am starting a group, MY LIFE WITHOUT SUGAR. 

My addiction is not a secret! However, I want to be free from the bondage that I've been in by eliminating sugar from my diet, being in a supportive environment, and offering a supportive resource for others.

Needless to say, I wake up craving sugar. I go thru my day craving sugar. I go without healthy meals on occasion - for sugar. I go to bed thinking - sugar.  And though I have been aware of this addiction, I have never reached out for support in this way- until today!

Like everything else, what goes on in the dark eventually comes to the light and as I get older I believe that there are some physiological things happening in my body where sugar is the silent culprit.

I wrote a friend just last night and I shared that I truly believe that my body (our bodies) are designed to self correct itself from all sorts of ailments and disease, but because of the foods that I eat, I may prevent or offset that from naturally occurring. The work that my body must do to fight through the chemicals, the additives, and the sugar must make it almost impossible.  As I fall more in love with me, this behavior seems really unfair to me. My heart deserves better!  I deserve better!

I meditate, I pray, and I exercise, but if I don’t' take care of what goes into my body then the whole Mind, Body, Soul thing becomes hypocritical jargon.  Unequally yoked, the results are counter productive.  

"Action without clear intention, decision, and aligned thought ultimately produces less than full-potential results."  

So TODAY, June 13, 2015, I will have my last hoora hoora with my friend with whom I love but no longer serves me! Though, I am sure I will see her again knowing that this is a process, our relationship will never be the same. I know that this is a process. I vow to be gentle with her and myself.

I thank you in advance for your prayers of support, new recipes, new thought patterns, testimonials, words of wisdom, and for joining me on this journey by joining this powerful group that will transform lives and restore health to many. 

If you are on FaceBook, you can Join Group Here!  If not, chime in on the comment section below or send me an email at:

With Love,


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