Sharing: The Truth About Cancer Video

Happy October!

Today I received an email today with a link that touched me enough to share.

If you are like me, you know someone who has had an experience with the dreadful disease that we call cancer.

I have friends and family who have both survived and died from the disease.  This month I am scheduled to have my third and hopefully last followup breast exam within a year following an inconclusive mammogram last year and a benign biopsy over 10 years ago.

And while I appreciate the doctors and care givers who are often on the front line choosing conventional methods of treatment, I believe there are other cures and alternative treatments available.

I am sharing this video which will be part of a documentary series that takes a look at the truth behind the disease and the less popular treatment options that are available.

I believe that our lives matter!  Your life matters!  My life matters!  We all matter!

Here is the link:
The Truth about Cancer Video

May many lives be saved.  I am holding the vision for future headlines to read:  Cancer Cured!!
With Love,


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