The Center for Herbs & Healing is Launched!

Everything I need comes easily and effortlessly to me...

Mother Oshun
is the goddess of love known for healing the sick, cheering the sad,
bringing music, song and dance, as well as bringing fertility and prosperity.  
She is the protector of the poor, the mother of all orphans,
bringing us what we need in this life through periods of weakness or strength.

​Sometimes amazing things happen when you least expect them. 

Today I launched a new sitea new product, and a new vision.  It happened overnight!  What I know from this experience is that I've grown!  No longer am I bound by the monkey mind of fear, doubt, or hesitation that held me hostage and limited my expression.  One recurring lesson:

1.  Never Give Up!
2.  Never Give Up!
3.  Never Give Up!

I have so much to share but tomorrow will take care of itself.  
Today I share this message from The Center for Herbs & Healing:    

"I am grateful that the Universe has an unlimited supply of everything we need on this journey called life. Regardless of our situation or circumstance, when we are ready, unlimited resources and opportunities await to transform our experience. “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
Jalaluddin Rumi

When my teenage son was diagnosed with MS a few months ago, I was devastated. (
Read here). Though we are still wrapping our hands around his diagnosis and treatment options, it didn't take me long to witness that his diagnosis was not a death sentence but a divine opportunity for all of us to let the Light in.   I chose also to use my energy to begin creating a haven of inspiration and resources for people searching for alternative methods to enhance this journey towards a healthy lifestyle and a healthy response to life. Welcome to the Center for Herbs & Healing!

I believe that at our core we are whole and holy-
isticly connected to a source of energy that has our best interest at heart and that this truth is sometimes lost in a world begging us to conform to being broken, disconnected, and afraid. We are the products of an environment that we created and though dis-eases are running ramped, I also believe that nature is a healer and a teacher. We are healers and powerful beyond our beliefs! What we get into, we can often get out of. The world that we can't see (our thoughts, beliefs, fears, etc) is much bigger than the world that we can see (manifestations that appear).

I am also grateful for modern medicine and the advancements that have been made. I am equally grateful for the world of metaphysics, herbal medicine, and other alternative healing modalities that work together to enhance our experience.

“What happens when people open their hearts?""They get better.” 
― Haruki MurakamiNorwegian Wood

It is proven that our bodies respond favorably to love and good energy. And since none of us are getting out of her alive, while I'm here, I am going to spread positive energy, good vibes, and leave a legacy of love.

One step at a time, the
Center for Herbs & Healing will become a global network of healing resources- for the mind, body, and soul! Thank you for supporting this movement. Be inspired!
Be well!
With Love,

Try Me Sticks

Try Me Sticks are hand rolled multi use herbal sage sticks that can be used as alternative smudge sticks for rituals or ceremonies or natural alternative smoking wraps. 
Wraps are naturally flavored made from pure hemp and contain no tobacco or nicotine. 
Each pack contains 5 sticks with optional filtered tips included.

Try Me Sticks are Hand Rolled with Love

She Let Go!  (Contact me for voiceovers...)



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