Good Morning Sun!

First thing in the morning, before you meet or greet anyone, remember to greet all of nature, all visible and invisible creatures.
Say to them: "I am grateful for your work,
I love you and want to be in harmony with you!"
At this very moment, in response to your greeting, all of nature will open to you and send you energy for the entire day.
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Prosveta Publishing

I love this quote that came to me from It has been taped on my back door for years as my precious reminder to stay connected to nature. When I first read it, it also reminded me of my past unconscious and innate practice of greeting nature without realizing the impact.

Today, my daughter greeted me with a "good morning" song that I use to sing to her and her brothers when they were young. It brought me joy to hear her sing the song to me and for her to share with me that she even remembered.

She also reminded me of a morning ritual that I shared with them growing up. Every morning when they got out of bed, I would walk them to the door, open the blinds, and we would each greet all of nature.

"Good morning sun."
"Good morning trees."
"Good morning birds."
"Good morning sky."
"Good morning flowers."
"Good morning grass."
"Good morning air."
"Good morning dirt."
"Good morning bugs."
"Good morning cars."
"Good morning signs."
"Good morning God."
"Good morning..."

(to whatever else we saw with our eyes or with our heart)

"Thank You sun."
"Thank You trees."
"Thank You birds."
"Thank You sky."
"Thank You flowers."
"Thank You grass."
"Thank You air."
"Thank You dirt."
"Thank You bugs."
"Thank You cars."
"Thank You signs."
"Thank You God."
"Thank You all of nature and for the beautiful People of the World."

With Love, Me


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