A Legacy of Letters and YOU!


Happy New Year!
At the end of last year (2015), The With Love Movement reached over 8,000 people from 45 countries.   Wow!  The healing power of Love is circulating the Universe and we are part of that energy.  Thank You!

Letters are Powerful!

This year, 2016, another movement is brewing!  
Through The With Love Movement, I have come to realize the significance letters have in our lives.  For example, I recall reading a letter written to me by my deceased grandmother over 20 years ago.  Reading her letter with new eyes, I connected with her generosity in writing me at all.  A professional seamstress, my grandmother had not finished high school.   In reading her letter, I connected with her Spirit.  I knew that writing was not her thing, but I could feel her love.  She wrote to me with love in her heart. 

It was an experience that I will never forget.  It pierced my soul and commanded my attention.  Another profound moment that I've had through The With Love Movement was writing a letter to a woman who had molested me as a child.  Writing that letter healed layers of my life!  But once I finished the letter, it wasn't as important for me to send it.  Through the power of forgiveness I made a different choice.


In this technological social media age of texting, tweeting,  and FBing, the art of letter writing is slowly becoming a lost art.  Sadly, today in most schools, handwriting is no longer taught.  Unless transcribed, many of our children or grandchildren will not be able to even read our handwritten letters. 

I want to leave a legacy through compiling a book of letters!  Will you join me?

I want you to be part of this book.  I want our children to be part of this book.  I want our grandmothers and grandfathers to be part of this book.  I want the undeserved groups in our society to part of this book.  I want people from around the world to be part of this book.  I want as many people as possible to be part of this book.  I want ALL of us to be part of this book.  I want our legacy to be part of this book! 

Dear World…

Imagine leaving a letter to the world…what would it say?  What would it convey? 


Share your message with the world and sign it With Love.    

If you are interested in being part of this project please submit your letter here: A Legacy of Letters Submission Form

Upon submitting your letter, you will receive quarterly updates on the progress of the project and publication deadlines.

For more information about the With Love Movement (Part I):  Information about The With Love Movement

If you would like to help underwrite this project please contact Shawn Trimble at iamfreedomsdrum@gmail.com.


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