Find your Tribe: Come Home to the Sunday Art Bazaar

Photo Credit: Emily Cox
Sunshine Alvarez, Shemora Sheikh and her children

Three weeks ago I moved forward with the kick off to the Sunday Art Bazaar at the Freedom's Drum Community Center. It has been an absolute joy!

Growing up as an only child, I loved the energy of a full house on the rare occasions our small family came together. Perhaps the parallels that exist between people, cultures, and community was one of the reasons I was drawn to sociology for my undergraduate studies.  Regardless of the many reasons, I enjoy bringing folks together.

I also appreciate the passion found art, artists, and the entrepreneurial spirit of everyday people who do and create extraordinary things.  We are powerful beyond our own beliefs!
Shawn & Abu

Before making his transition years ago, my step dad was one of those artists.  DeNorval Bratten, affectionally known in the community as Abu, made a living as a traveling street merchant.  I watched him in action and not only did he create stunning pieces of jewelry from sterling silver utensils, he was a master at selling anything!  I also watched him use his communication skills to drop knowledge on the people he came in contact with.  He was a social activist who believed in the creative genius of people and especially people of color.  His love for community along with his pioneering spirit are qualities that continue to rest in my heart.  His spirit lives on.  Thank you Abu!

Like the ocean, I have realized that life is filled with incredible ebbs and flows.  When I was ready to move forward with the Sunday Art Bazaar, synchronicity flowed and I knew I was on the right track.  The winds moved, people showed up, and there were loving nudges to guide my sail.

What: Sunday Art Bazaar
When: Sundays from 2:00-7:00 
(see event listings for updates or cancellations)
Where: Freedom's Drum Community Center
1427 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27705

Why: Support local artists...
Shop, Eat, Vibe!

***Artists/vendor/food spaces available. Free with love offering.  

Past event links:

Shop, eat, vibe! Each week, I am witnessing an unfolding and expanding vision. This is my third location for center that love built. Surprising to many is that The Freedom's Drum Community Center is not just a welcoming haven, it also my home.  (read history here)  It has been a joyful and unintentional experience in finding my tribe.

In the spirit of community, if you are looking to support local artists, breathe in some good energy, and share in the wisdom of the Freedom's Drum Community Center, then this event is for you!

Mama Ruth Parker-Johnson 5-28-17 
Last week, chef Leslie Love of the Comfort Spot blessed us with Raw Food Kale Salad, Sorrel Tea and yummy comfort food! Mama Ruth Parker-Johnson was there with her Ethnic Art, Original Art Cards. We also had custom designed jewelry from David Kresge.

Ed Swan brought lots of positive image cultural items at reasonable prices as well as her famous organic lemonade that has everybody coming back for more.  

New to the area and making all of your henna dreams come true, Shemora Sheikh, has already attracted followers who have been lining up for their henna tattoos and are learning more about her upcoming workshops and other services that she and her husband offer.

Want to engage with sage? Shawn Trimble, (me), can share with you the many benefits of the healing herb and you can take some Try Me Sticks home too!

This week, we are looking to see new additions from live drumming, African Clothing, and more.
Men, women, children, and families are all welcome.
Please share the event and share the love!

(Read August 2017 update:  Here

With Love,

Freedom's Drum Marketing & Consulting is an inspirational healing center that creates and promotes spiritually enriching activities, workshops, movements, publications, and products.  

Sunday Art Bazaar
Intention:  It is my intention to create an easy and effortless event where people from the community can Shop-Eat-Vibe while supporting local artists.  
Mission:  To give local artists/vendors an opportunity to introduce/sell/market their products in a loving and supportive environment. 
Vision:  for the Sunday Art Bazaar to become a premier spot in the Durham community and to be known world wide for the healing work that it brings.

Love offerings are appreciated:   

Please Pass the Hat!

Thank you in advance for your gift.


Engage with Sage


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