I LOVE Coffee in the Morning

I love coffee in the morning
tea at night
I love the sounds of birds
before they take flight.

I love the way my dog looks at me
when she wants to play
I love that the sunshine signals
a new day.

I love grapefruit and yogurt while listening to cars
traveling the distance to reach the stars.

I love flowers and trees and
blades of grass
I love fire, water, earth, and
the breath of fresh air.

I love the stillness, the peace, and
the serenity that I feel
I love knowing that my life connected to this great mystery is quite real.

I love children and the joy that they bring
I love choirs and the songs that we sing.

I love people and cultures and
learning new things
I love life and
doing my thang.

I love my smile and watching the mirror of my reflection
from the people that I meet
I love when my body
presses against the sheets.

I love that my thoughts create my world
I love that my mind is like a great pearl.

I love that I AM the way, the truth, and the LIGHT of my life
I love that Jesus came so that I could take flight.

I love that beauty is in the eye of the beholder
I love the wisdom in growing older.

I love that I can promote what I love instead of bashing what I hate
I love that being love is my fate.

With Love,
Shawn Trimble


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