Feeling Buried? Come Undone

Metaphysics is the study of the nature of the world. It is a philosophy that looks at the natural causes of reality. It seeks to enlighten by offering another perspective on the possible root causes and effects found in nature. In the world of metaphysics, there is no separation.

It is a gateway to a greater understanding of self, self actualization, and the world we live in. Because metaphysics dwells in a realm that is often unseen and cannot be measured, (meta, meaning beyond), its observations have often been rejected. But, they can not be ignored.

Metaphysics is a broad subject. If you are looking at ailments or diseases in the body for instance, Louise Hays has a phenomenal book, Heal Your Body which has been a great resource for me. She shares her story of transformation and lists from A-Z the mental causes for physical illness and the metaphysical way to overcome them. 

Having a problem with addiction? A probable cause, according to Ms Louise, is running from the self; fear; not knowing how to love the self. Hypertension? She suggests a longstanding emotional problem not solved. Depression? Perhaps the cause is anger you feel you do not have a right to have; hopelessness.

Nature is a great tool for studying metaphysics. I spend a lot of time with nature. I hug trees. I even talk to trees. I meditate listening to the birds, feeling the wind, embracing the sun.

I am a nut! And whether you are ready to face it, heck, I think we are all nuts! Or, seeds within a seed waiting to crack or to be cracked open. I think the seed that lives within us is our heart. It is the symbol of the seed that opens us to becoming that which we were born to be.

The shell protects the young seed during its development. When it's ready, depending on the life cycle, we are either planting the seed in preparation for harvest or we are breaking the nut open during harvest.

I've seen over the course of my life, the ebb and the flow of experiences that have helped to both harden my heart and to open me to love by cracking me wide open. I've seen that my hardening helped to soften someone else. I've also noticed that some seeds- people- are harder to crack than others. Some have grown old and are hard as rocks. Where love may have been their nature, they chose the comfort of being in the darkness of their shell.  

Right now, there is so much love flowing in the Universe that some of these hard nuts- people- will become the rocks that we climb to get to the mountain top.

I like Brazilian nuts! They're hard, but they can be cracked open.  To me, they are worth the trouble because I like the way they taste.  I'm sure I've been a nut cracker, but I've needed some nut crackers to crack me open.

For all the times that I thought I was being buried only to realize that I was really being planted, I am grateful for the relationships and for the situations that have shown up during the changing seasons of my life.  They have opened me up to myself.

Through the relationship with my mother, I am connected the innocence of being a child. I have learned that I am equipped with everything that I need on this journey and I can chose to travel Light or carry the pain of the past.

Through the relationship with my children, I am connected to joy. I have learned to detach myself from outcomes by allowing the lives that have come through me to live their lives.

Through the relationship with money, I am connected to the unlimited flow of energy circulating the Universe. Money has taught me to get still, follow my passion, and know that all of my needs are met. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things will be added unto you (me).” Matthew 6:33

Through the relationship with relationships, I am connected to being a woman. I have learned from the breakings of my heart how to comfort myself; how to be with myself; how to love myself; how to look in the mirror at myself; how to forgive myself; how to accept myself; how to enjoy myself; how to give back to myself.  I am a Queen awaiting my perfect for me, King.  

Through the relationship with food, I am connected to my emotions. I am what I eat!

Through the relationship with friends, I am connected to a circle of life. I have learned that I am the company that I keep and when people show me who they are, I really owe it to myself to believe them.

Through the relationship with myself, I am connected to Love! Love is the seed that I am!  It has- I have- the power to transform anything in my life.  It is- I am- the vehicle that shapes my reality. 

Through the relationship I have with God, I am connected to the oneness of life. With every breath that I consciously or unconsciously take, I am connected to the Mother, Father, and Universal Power of all there is and Wherever I am God is and all is well! 

This is the season of coming undone.  Be encouraged!
With Love, Shawn


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