Opening the Door to Opportunities with Bryant McGill

Last night I was scrolling my FaceBook feed and I ran across a very radiant and live Bryant McGill.
Though I've never read any of his books, I enjoy reading the powerful words of his Simple Reminders.

Seeing him live for the first time, I stopped scrolling, smiled, and posted my first comment: 
"Hi!  I am sure you have something wonderful to caught my attention!"

After several nerve wracking weeks, I happened to be visiting my teenage son in the hospital and I chuckled as I attempted to share Mr. McGill's message with him.  He was not interested.   I realized that clearly it was me who needed the inspiration!  

As defiant Bryant, a nickname that he called himself, began ushering more viewers to listen in to his message about funding your dreams, I started taking notes.  

Then, without hesitation, I began to share my notes in the comment section of his feed.  I had a thought that other people would appreciate them as well.  

A Divine Resource is running through me! I am grateful to share my treasure with you!  I am grateful for the generosity of those who have shared theirs with me.  (Thank You Bryant McGill!)  Today I am opening more doors to more abundance.  

Today I open the door with generosity and send you radiant thoughts of gratitude for your presence in the world.  May the beautiful treasures that you are shine bright for all to see!

With Love,

Notes from Bryant McGill's Live Broadcast/11-2-2015
How to fund your dreams with absolutely no money! 
  • fund your dreams with your is an ancillary ...before big making an attitudinal is not real it is only a consensus reality...(trust representation)
  • Fiat currency is not backed by anything real...the world runs on trust...if this money isn't real then what are the real currency?  Service, kindness,  love, empathy...human resources is capital or preferred stock...I am a resource! You are a resource!  
  • Trust is based on good will...Integrity, high intentions, long suffering, supportive behaviors, respectful relations...Magnify these and increase your personal wealth! 
  • Respect is a wealth you spend lavishly on others...saying thank you that you have blessed me and is privileged state of mind!
  •  Life favors value...value is your way out! Keep being Royal...gratitude means you can get screwed but you are still grateful! 
  • It begins with your next thought...your struggles seem to be external but we are always settled from the inside out.  Faith is the bridge to all dreams! Positive attitudes qualify you for positive experiences. 
  • Believe  in your worth and your treasures that are part of a real system. Spend your treasure on others.  Give!!! 'The door of opportunity and the door of generosity are the same door.'
  • Give a smile...or what you, encouragement to others...'the potential richness of your life shrinks or expands according to your ability to love.' 
  • Say thank you thank you thank you...Give life to your solutions! 
  • The most insubordinate obstacle is your own negative thinking. 'Life is the wishing well. You make a wish everyday by how you live your life.'
  • Bryant shared: When I wanted to be a writer with nothing and green shag carpet and a phone book for a pillow...when I got a little money before food or pillow I bought an oak desk and some linen paper and a expensive pencil...I laid them all out and took great pride in setting them out and practiced writing and study as a dyslexic person...
  • I fueled and funded myself with unstoppable faith! 
  • Divine resource is running through you! You are Royal! Walk with your head high! Humility teaches that everyone is great and a divine being! 
  • Continue to honor that Deep and abiding respect for life that includes you! The first step is tonight! Don't let people throw you off your royalty. Second, tomorrow open doors with saying thank you! 
  • Be consistent!!!! 
Thank you Bryant McGill!!! May we each step into our royalty! 



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