Finding Magic to Make Life Soar

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.
Helen Keller (June, 1880 - June, 1968)
Finding Magic to Make Life Soar
Today I wrap my arms around our world and rest my bosom on her bleeding heart.  I send Love and Healing Light as I remind myself of the magic that makes my heart soar- We are ONE!

(The following article is an updated version from September)
During my travels, I have come to accept that each of us are walking instruments of healing carrying magic and beautiful music for one another and for ourselves.

Almost immediately after writing my thoughts for this article, I received this text message from a friend:   

Hey Shawn I hope you've been doing well. I've really been struggling here recently. I had another part time job that I lost after three weeks and now I'm probably about to have to spend a good bit of money to repair my car. I have until the end of year to be out if my moms and after almost two years and hundreds of applications can't find a better job.  It just seems like my life is a series of disappointments and struggles and I just don't see it getting any better. I feel like my whole life hasn't amounted to anything and I don't know what to do. Was wondering if you have advice or wisdom to throw my way.”

That moment when s*** becomes real!
That moment when you realize everything you've gone through was a setup for this moment!
That moment when you realize that sharing your story is now your responsibility.

I responded by acknowledging his feelings of disappointment and frustration and told him that I understood what it was like to be at the end of your rope. I told him how much I valued him and that I knew that he had so much to offer. I even offered him some ideas for generating some income using the skills that he had. Then, I shared with him my recent story.

It was a great day at work! It was time for me to get off. I walked outside towards my car. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was a delightful breeze in the air. I was on my way home! Life was good!

Then, like a thief in the night, my thoughts began to wander.

I started to think about a relationship that was ending. I went into auto pilot questioning my decisions to let go of the relationship and move forward. In my mind the jury had showed up and began to hand down my guilty sentence. Without any regard for the evidence that was presented, my reasons for leaving were tossed out of the window. I started to entertain thoughts of being a bad person. I was spiraling downward.

Negative thoughts were creeping in and I quickly realized that my mind was driving me. I knew that if I didn’t turn things around I was headed in a direction that I didn't want to go in. It was time to raise my vibration!

There are countless ways to raise your vibration. In 2009 I wrote my first self published book, My Spiritual Tool Box ( I was beginning to explore and bring to my conscious awareness some of the tools that I was using.

Since that time I have found key ingredients in prayer, meditation, and in creating a mindful, positive, healthy, and balanced lifestyle.     

Today, raising my vibration and being vigilantly aware of my thoughts are the soul food for my survival in rising above spiraling patterns that rob me of living my best life. I found the magic that makes my soul soar!

To the late mystic, Edgar Cayce, Electricity is God in Action! “And as the electrical vibrations are given, know that Life itself - to be sure - is the Creative Force or God, yet its manifestations in man are electrical - or vibratory. Know then that the force in nature that is called electrical or electricity is that same force ye worship as Creative or God in action!” (

There is a Universal Law that states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates. I believe we vibrate toward people, circumstances, situations, and things in order that our healing be amplified or exacerbated.

These relationships and experiences become medicine and can stir up feelings and emotions inside us much like a dissolving medicinal tablet reaching the molecular cells in our bodies. I also believe that we can become addicted to the energy of others and our negative thought patterns in much the same way we can become addicted to any substance or medication. And, even when they are removed from sight we can be still be emotionally drawn to them. Hence, the insanity of reoccurring thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Unconsciously, these patterns can cause us to become abusive to ourselves and to others. It can cause us to feel trapped in toxic relationships. It can build toxins in the body and cause dis-ease. It can stifle our growth, cause stagnation, and have us spinning our wheels without ever moving. These experiences can bring up feelings of hopelessness, despair, and victimization from the tape recording of negativity that plays over and over in our minds.

Sharing is a responsibility of ascension, so I shared with my friend these 5 steps that I use to support him in raising his vibration.

5 Steps to Raise your Vibration

Step 1- Use your imagination and think ELEC-TRI-CITY!

Tap into your inner child and use your imagination. Imagination that you are a lamp, a light, or a great beam of energy. Imagine that you are being plugged in or that you are plugging something in. You are watching the lights come on! You are seeing and feeling the magic of the power coming through. It's brilliant! It's awesome! It's magical! Have fun with it!

Step 2Think of the greatest source (force) of healing energy that you can plug in to!

What is your Light connected to? Think outside of the box. Think outside of the image of a wall socket. Go bigger!

A tree is plugged in and rooted in the earth. An unborn baby is plugged in and rooted in the womb of its mother. A wave is plugged in and rooted in the ocean.

What are you plugged in to? Is your Light connected to the Sun? Is it connected to Love? Is it connected to God? Is it connected to the Universal Power of all there is? Is it The Great Mother? Father in Heaven? Jesus? Allah? Freedom? Bliss? Rei-Ki? Buddah? El-Shaddai? Jehovah? Rock? Holy Spirit? The Prince of Peace? Comfort? Great Fountain?

What are your rooted in? There are no right or wrong answers. This is your life!

Step 3- What are the attributes of your source?

What do you believe about this source. What does your source represent? What does it mean to be connected to the source?

For example:

I believe that there is a powerful and infinite flow of energy circulating the Universe.

I believe that at the very center of this powerful flow of energy that is circulating the Universe there is Goodness, Wholeness, Peace, Abundance, Warmth, Light,  Joy, Wisdom, Clarity, Serenity, Happiness, Love, Harmony, Power, Gentleness, Ease, Gratefulness, Humor, Colorful expressions, Security, Understanding, Patience, Creativity, Truth, Life, Flavor, Aromatic expressions, Beauty, Forgiveness, Compassion, Grace, Perfection, Faith, Mercy, Acceptance, Willingness, Courage, Responsibility, Fearlessness, Health, Wealth, Guidance, Purpose, Knowing, and all things Good! 

Step 4 - Feel the Magic!

Breathe it in!
Take it in!
Buzzz...You are now plugged in!

See it, feel it, and know it!

Step 5 - Align yourself to the source!

You are now connected! Bring the affirming message(s) of truth home!

I AM” before a sentence are the most powerful words you can speak in the Universe. Who are You?

Your are Home!

With joy, I offered my friend the following affirmations:
I am connected to the source of unlimited resources!
I am moving with ease knowing that all of my needs are being met!
I am grateful for the abundance of opportunities that I am now attracting!
I am secure knowing that I am surrounded by Love and connected to Love!
I am valuable beyond belief and my life is filled with purpose.
I am a source of healing light in the world.
        I am everything that I need.
        I am enough!
I am Love!

May you find in the midst of your life, the magic that makes your soul soar!
With Love,


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